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So, you’ve just created some awesome content to post on your Instagram, now you want to reach as many accounts as you possibly can to improve your search ranking? There are several strategies that you can apply when posting content that you want to be discovered more easily in search. One marketing strategy you can start implementing today is optimising your profile and posts for search.

Search is super important when it comes to prospect clients, customers and supporters finding your profile. Instagram aims to personalise search based on what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re interested in finding content on interior design, if you go to the search bar on the explore page you will see your previous searches pop up. If you type interior design you will see search results for accounts, hashtags, places and so on.

How to rank higher on instagram search

So how can you improve your search ranking on instagram?

Keep reading for some top tips on how to improve your search ranking on Instagram.

Choose a relevant a handle and profile name 

Instagram using text for search results. The more relevant your handle and profile name are to the content that you create, the better for improving your search ranking on instagram and your business showing up in relevant search results. If you are known for using a particular name, use that in your handle so that people find it easy to find you!

Use keywords and hashtags that are consistent to your content

Using relevant keywords and hashtags in your caption can help you to improve your search ranking on instagram. Adding keywords and hashtags to your comments will not help your content to come up in search results.

Add relevant keywords and locations to your bio 

If your business has a location, add that to your profile. Sharing your location can also help to come up in the searches of people that are local to you. Ensure your instagram profile contains keywords that are relevant to your business. This will help you to improve your search ranking on Instagram.

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