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On Tuesday 29th June 2021 Facebook launched standalone newsletter platform ‘Bulletin’, to support independent writers in the US. The newsletter platform will combine both free and paid for content. Facebook stated that their writers will benefit from “complete editorial independence”.  

Bulletin Facebook Launch
The social media leader 
will not take a cut from the writers earnings. Writers will be able to keep subscription revenue for the duration of their partnership, and take their content and subscription list with them. Subscription prices will be decided by the writers. Subscription payments for the newsletters will be made via Facebook Pay. Users will be able to make payment via debit, credit card or PayPay.

Readers who make subscription payments to Bulletin will receive access to other features such as, Facebook groups, premium content and the comments feature on articles. Writers will be able to share their podcasts hosted on other platforms with their articles. Content creators will also be able to connect with their readers via Facebook live or Live Audio Rooms.

Bulletin exists on a separate website, so writers won’t need to be logged into your Facebook to access content. Writers will be set up with standalone websites that they can customise with their own publication name, logos, branding and colour palette. Facebook mentioned “We want creators to build sustainable independent businesses on their own terms”. Published newsletters will be integrated into writers Facebook pages, they can also be accessed via the news feed or Facebook news on the social platform as well as other discovery avenues to help writers easily gain new audiences and subscribers. 

Aside from Bulletin, you can easily create newsletters on other platforms such as, Mailchimp or WordPress to create a microsite for your newsletters. Unlike Bulletin, these platforms are globally accessible. 

Need help to set up your online newsletter? Our team of experts are ready to help work on your newsletter. We also offer training to give to back the power to manage your own newsletters.

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