Targeted Advertising

With our programmatic advertising solutions you can reach your desired audiences by targeting them directly. 


Your digital ad appears on the many websites and mobile apps your target consumer is using. We work with you to develop a campaign that will reach your target consumer at the right place and the right time.  Our advanced tracing capabilities allow you to get measurable results on your campaign.

 Geographic Targeting-- We deliver your ad only to users in your buying area. We can targeting by zip code, city and can even geofence a specific address. 

Demographic -- Audience demographic campaigns target your ads to users based on 3rd party data across a wide network of websites and mobile apps. We can target on a variety of criteria including age, gender, income, buying intent and more. 

Contextual-- Contextual campaigns deliver advertising next to relevant content being actively consumed by the user. It's like real-time behaviorial targeting because your ad is shown next to relevant content. 

Re-targeting -- Retargeting campaigns reengage users on desktop or mobile devices who have previously visited yoru website. We show your ad to those users while they are on other websites to pull them back into the conversion funnel.


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